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I’m Featured on Booktube! Twice!

So excited to announce that I’m featured on not one but TWO YouTube channels this month.

First off, THE CROWS got a shout out from Mers (Harpies in the Trees), where the synopsis was voted as the Patrons’ Pick ( So glad to be featured in Episode 4 of Mers’ channel, where 3 other indie books get a shout out too!

The Crows is featured in this episode!

The second one is Mick Dark’s performance of my short story, THE SOUND OF DARKNESS, which you can buy as part of the F IS FOR FEAR anthology by Red Cape Publishing, or on its own! Mick’s performance is really fun and I love the art and soundtrack.

Please like, share and subscribe to these great channels if you haven’t yet!

Grab your copy of The Crows here (eBook, paperback/hardback, audiobook):

Grab your copy of The Sound of Darkness direct from me (eBook):

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