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Interview with Lucy Rose: Gothic Filmmaking

This is the first bonus episode of the new season of Eldritch Girl and it's a banger! The audio clip played from the film starts at 11min 41secs to if you want to listen to that, you can watch along!~ Eldritch Girl S03 Bonus Ep 01 Meet Lucy Rose Lucy Rose is an award-winning writer/director… Continue reading Interview with Lucy Rose: Gothic Filmmaking

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Eldritch/Cosmic Horror Films

This was a longer Tumblr post but I think it works on my blog too! ANNIHILATION (2018) was so good, I loved the Shimmer and the concept and the vibe, so interesting - a much better Colour Out Of Space film than COLOUR OUT OF SPACE (Nick Cage). But the body horror did get to… Continue reading Eldritch/Cosmic Horror Films

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Gothic/Horror Families

While I'm writing THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD, I'm also having fun with re-watching/re-reading Horror and Gothic families (blood family + found family!) I'm a big Rob Zombie fan so a lot of them are from his films, but I love the moments of banter and bits where we get to see the relationship dynamics… Continue reading Gothic/Horror Families

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Halloween Special: 1931 Dracula

In this Halloween Special, I'm watching Tod Browning's Dracula (1931) and doing the commentary for it. It's just over an hour long, so if you want to watch along with me, grab yourself a copy, and I'll count you in - 3, 2, 1, GO! listen now Stream it If you want to leave… Continue reading Halloween Special: 1931 Dracula

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Welsh Gothic: Language

The question of language in Welsh Gothic has undergone a shift since 1997 and the implementation of the Welsh Government's Welsh Language policies. It is no longer a site of contest, but protected in law and promoted across the country. It is visible on all official signs, official forms are bilingual, and schools where Welsh… Continue reading Welsh Gothic: Language