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New Ko-Fi Post: Yelen & Yelena

New post on Ko-Fi for all supporters - anyone who has bought something from my shop (over £1.99) or tipped me in the last 30 days, as well as all Ko-Fi members, can access this. This is the first chapter of the 0draft: it's just something I'm playing with. It's about 14K now, I don't… Continue reading New Ko-Fi Post: Yelen & Yelena

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AMA ~ Character Edition

Follow the link <; to get this bundle for £6.00 in my sale: 01 Dec 2022-06 Jan 2023 Q1: What are everyone’s favorite comfort meals? A1: This one is weirdly the same for all of them: beef casserole. The reason it’s the same is because it was Beverley’s speciality (and not *always* beef), and she’d… Continue reading AMA ~ Character Edition

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AMA: Character Edition

Pretty simple: what would you like to know about my characters? Drop me a comment and ask! I'll be collecting questions here, Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr and Instagram and collating all the Q&A into little bite-size posts. Art by Enoch 'Trie Sparrow Blasingame @/tentaclemadestudios (Insta handle)

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#PitLight ~ 10/12/22

I'm taking part in PitLight today, where you can like, retweet and comment/quote tweet people's pitches and aesthetics. I've scheduled my 4 tweets (the maximum per person) and I'll be pinning them to my profile through the day. I'm using THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD, so enjoy the tweets! I've had a go at movie… Continue reading #PitLight ~ 10/12/22

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The Day We Ate Grandad: Coming Soon

Add to Goodreads: Blurb ~ Coming 2023 Three possible futures. Two versions of the apocalypse. One chance to save the world. Wes Porter, a severely depressed insanity-inducing playboy, is detoxing from hallucinogens that have unlocked his ability to see versions of potential futures - and he's just foreseen two ways the world could end.… Continue reading The Day We Ate Grandad: Coming Soon