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#EldritchGirl S03E06: Another Battle There Is, In His Eye-Socket

Listen Now Buy the book The Chapter Heading Explained For the chapter heading of Chapter 5, I used a line from Taliesin's Cad Goddeu, (Middle Welsh: Kat Godeu] The Battle of the Trees, from an old and not great translation by W. F. Skene, available here. It's definitely worth reading in its entirety and in… Continue reading #EldritchGirl S03E06: Another Battle There Is, In His Eye-Socket

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#EldritchGirl S03E05: things left unfinished

Neurodivergence in The Day We Ate Grandad I wasn't deliberately writing Ricky and Wes (and Mercy in The Crows) with ADHD. It's just that I gave them all the things that I struggle with, and all the traits that I wanted to examine in different situations, and it organically developed from there. I didn't even… Continue reading #EldritchGirl S03E05: things left unfinished

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#MonstrousMay 2023: The Doppelganger

Originally I thought this was part of DI Paula Parsons' backstory but it doesn't fit her anymore, so this is DI Hayley Carter, Parsons' predecessor, and I don't know how it ends exactly, except it ends with her being booted out of the force and Parsons taking her job. Featuring: police corruption, head trauma, murder… Continue reading #MonstrousMay 2023: The Doppelganger

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#MonstrousMay 2023: Trapped

Quatre Faces, Pagham-on-Sea, 1973 It was quiet when Linn woke up, a shaft of weak, sinking sunlight trailing over the edge of her orange dress, picking out a line of cold white flesh below the short hem, the rest of her in shadow. The window was boarded up from the inside, but one board was… Continue reading #MonstrousMay 2023: Trapped

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#EldritchGirl S03E04: Old words make old things come out

Words of Power That little phrase, 'old words make old things come out', is based on a specific concept of language and the power inherent within a language that I'm playing with in the series. Ricky refuses to speak Welsh (established in The Crows) but has a fluent command of Old English which he feels… Continue reading #EldritchGirl S03E04: Old words make old things come out