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Untitled AU Novel on Ko-Fi

The first section of this 80+K novel is now on Ko-Fi, and the first part is open to everyone so you can see what I'm doing with the annotations and what elements and phrases I've kept the same from THE CROWS. It's not there yet, but the annotations show you what my writing process is… Continue reading Untitled AU Novel on Ko-Fi

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Writing Demo & AU Carrie and Ricky Untitled AU So this is what I've been working on for fun: the idea I've had for a really long time which was an experiment to see what the story/characters of THE CROWS would be like if there was no eldritch horror. It would be a contemporary working class slice-of-life fic with a central… Continue reading Writing Demo & AU Carrie and Ricky

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Fan Art Alert!

So excited to get tagged in a work in progress by Daniel Beswick who enjoyed THE CROWS and THIRTEENTH! You can already get a print of Ricky Porter by Daniel from his shop. I love the projection of an aged-up Ricky (28-29 years old in the books so far) and now a buff, cross-country champion… Continue reading Fan Art Alert!

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Thoughts on Writing ~ Summer Update

I haven't posted much, as I've been trying to get my novel revisions done for August and figure out the trajectory for the next few months of letters for my Ko-Fi supporters (there are a few arcs I can take them on, but I'm running out of July to post this month's!). I've also revived… Continue reading Thoughts on Writing ~ Summer Update


July Half Price Sale ~ Smashwords

With Book 3 coming out in October, now is your chance to read my first 2 novels half price (or grab the eBook box set with all 10 illustrations!) OVEREXPOSURE (usually £1.99) is now only 99p. Go to the Smashwords Sale OR Get the Box Set Cover Design by Rebecca F. Kenney (RFK Cover Design)