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Lessons from the whole Twitter Thing…

So, Twitter is having a rough time as a platform right now, and lots of people are leaving following Elon Musk's takeover. I'm still there at the moment, but diversifying and looking at places to build a platform away from it. It's my biggest platform out of all my social media presences at the moment… Continue reading Lessons from the whole Twitter Thing…

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The Ancients’ Lost Guide To Live Tweets

Kidding. But now I have your attention, here are some tips and tricks to make your online event more accessible, and to get the most out of online engagement! Friday 26th March 2021 I'm going to do a sponsored tweetathon to raise money for the Romancing the Gothic project. The goal is to try and… Continue reading The Ancients’ Lost Guide To Live Tweets

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Gothic Day of Creation: Dialogue Workshop

Today is the Gothic Day of Creation over at Romancing the Gothic project, with so much good stuff going on! I kicked us off with a dialogue workshop, and if you missed it, here are some highlights for you... Choose your characters for the workshop. You need Character A and B. Pick a Gothic trope… Continue reading Gothic Day of Creation: Dialogue Workshop

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World Building and Language Workshop

On Saturday 15 August 2020 I took part in the Romancing the Gothic's Gothic Creative Day via Zoom, leading a workshop on world building and language. The workshop was not recorded, but it was pretty popular, so I'd be happy to run it again. In the meantime, here are my slides for you to play… Continue reading World Building and Language Workshop

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Co-Writing for Beginners

Writing is a collaborative process. Even if you write purely for yourself, you will be in dialogue with the world around you, your influences, other authors, and the context in which you write. No one can write anything in a vacuum. There is already a lot of discourse on critique partners, beta readers, sensitivity readers,… Continue reading Co-Writing for Beginners