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Author Interviews ~ C. M. Rosens (it me!!)

C. M. Rosens is my pen-name for fiction - I publish academic and nonfiction titles under my legal name.I write contemporary Gothic Weird fiction that comes broadly under the 'Horror' genre, and you can find all my work on this page! My pronouns are she/her although I'm more quoigender than anything. C. M. Rosens is… Continue reading Author Interviews ~ C. M. Rosens (it me!!)

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Monstrous May

I've been participating in the Monstrous May Challenge on Twitter, and posting all my content to Ko-Fi. Today's bonus podcast episode is a Monstrous May special, where I read out 2 of my supporter-only posts - Iconic Settings and Baby Monster. Yes, you've heard Iconic Settings before, but it's my favourite so you're hearing it… Continue reading Monstrous May

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The Undead Hour ~ ESP and The Face

Welcome to the first Undead Hour, where C. M. Rosens, representing Pagham-on-Sea's History Society, interviews medium Penelope Holdfast. Ms Holdfast is the owner of ESP - Entities living Sympathetically with People - a therapeutic service offering counselling for those who need to learn to co-exist with their hauntings. ESP is based in the old White… Continue reading The Undead Hour ~ ESP and The Face

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Iconic Settings: Monstrous May Challenge 'Love Song for The Crows' - C. M. Rosens The text version is available to Ko-Fi supporters only to read, but this is available to everyone to listen to. I haven't edited this audio, as I recorded it quickly before work!  If you like this content and want to find more, you can tip… Continue reading Iconic Settings: Monstrous May Challenge

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Podcast S01E10 ~ Chapter 9 Up Now!

Chapter 9 of The Crows is online today! CW for bird death, and the POV of a relapsing alcoholic.CHAPTER 9: BAD OMENS Links on my podcast page. Chapter 9: Bad Omens which Guy Bishop brings Carrie flowers... A sharp smack at the window made him jump and turn, the book slipping from his grasp… Continue reading Podcast S01E10 ~ Chapter 9 Up Now!