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#MonstrousMay Day 10: Mermaids

Graphic and Prompt Credit: Johannes T. Evans Crustaceous Merfolk A piece I wrote last year for Monstrous May... Reprise! Under the stars on a summer night, a land shoal drunkenly scatters. One of the group makes his way to Unger Point, and rests where the tide laps at the edge of the shingle, on its… Continue reading #MonstrousMay Day 10: Mermaids

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#MonstrousMay 1: Vampires

I'm re-posting two vampire vignettes from last year, as I'm not that into vampires at the moment and I want to spend some time on other prompts. So some golden oldies to kick off with! My nonfiction post on Welsh folklore and vampires can be found here. Credit: Johannes T. Evans Midnight at the Crazy… Continue reading #MonstrousMay 1: Vampires

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December Letter! ~ Podcast S02 Bonus

Bonus Eldritch Girl Content My monthly Ko-Fi supporters are receiving letters written by Carrie updating them on life in 2021/22 (The Crows is set in 2018, and Thirteenth is set in 2019; The Day We Ate Grandad, being written at the time of posting, will also be set in 2019). This is a non-canonical exploration… Continue reading December Letter! ~ Podcast S02 Bonus

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Queer Monster Hour with Johannes T. Evans

The June bonus episode is an hour-long chat with author and stand-up comedian Johannes T. Evans on queerness, monsters, monstrous bodies, and exploring power dynamics in relationships. Twitter: Medium: Website: His novel, Heart of Stone, can be found on Amazon. AUDIO: Listen on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts and other platforms - see my… Continue reading Queer Monster Hour with Johannes T. Evans

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The Undead Hour ~ ESP and The Face

Welcome to the first Undead Hour, where C. M. Rosens, representing Pagham-on-Sea's History Society, interviews medium Penelope Holdfast. Ms Holdfast is the owner of ESP - Entities living Sympathetically with People - a therapeutic service offering counselling for those who need to learn to co-exist with their hauntings. ESP is based in the old White… Continue reading The Undead Hour ~ ESP and The Face