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Podcast S02E21 ~ Thirteenth Finale Part 21

Welcome to the Final Episode of Eldritch Girl S02... The last (and double-length!) episode of S02, in which the triad meet their Grandsire, Ricky finds some comfort, Wes makes a choice and gets some insurance, and Katy sets herself on a path she can't come back from. CW: graphic gore/violence, killing family, drug use, strong… Continue reading Podcast S02E21 ~ Thirteenth Finale Part 21

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The Uncanny and the Dead Anthology ~ Author Panel Interview

The Anthology ~ ed. Ezra Arndt listen to the interview buy the EBOOK Buy The Paperback Interview CMR: hello, and welcome back to a very special episode of Eldritch Girl where we've got a number of interviewees today and they're all authors from The Uncanny and The Dead anthology which is edited by Ezra Arndt… Continue reading The Uncanny and the Dead Anthology ~ Author Panel Interview

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Podcast S02E20 ~ Thirteenth Part 20

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Ricky and Wes learn the extent of their powers in the Outside and must decide what to do with them; Katy hatches out, and Grandad's priests show up. CWs: deconstructive body horror, insectoid creature swarm, creature gore Listen now Chapter 13 They hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for a full… Continue reading Podcast S02E20 ~ Thirteenth Part 20

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Podcast S02E19 ~ Thirteenth Part 19

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Katy's metamorphosis begins, Ricky takes a risk that leads to a bad trip, and Wes finds himself assuming responsibility. CWs: consuming non-edible hallucinogenic/toxic substance, discussion of sexual relationship between cousins, deconstructive body horror (while conscious). LISTEN NOW Chapter 12 The moon found another break in the clouds and lit up… Continue reading Podcast S02E19 ~ Thirteenth Part 19

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Podcast S02E18 ~ Thirteenth Part 18

Katy, Wes and Ricky begin their exploration of the Outside, but Wes isn't the only one to be affected by the atmosphere in this other dimension. CWs: body horror, family-context aggression, thinking of people as objects, blood/accidental cut (superficial). Listen Now Chapter 11 Wes was out in front, making the balancing act along the outcrop… Continue reading Podcast S02E18 ~ Thirteenth Part 18