C.M. Rosens is the author of (sub)urban paranormal novels with strong Gothic/Weird Fiction influences, set in the fictional English coastal town of Pagham-on-Sea.

It’s a quiet, rundown sort of place, too bleak for the bleak geeks, full of Eldritch Horrors, weird goings-on, and quite good pubs. The first novel set in Pagham-on-Sea is “The Crows”, illustrated by Thomas Brown, co-creator of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novels. 

Meet cursed Carrie Rickard, her sentient house, and the emotionally unavailable Eldritch monster boi next door

Carrie Rickard’s life changes forever when she escapes a toxic relationship and falls for a ruined house that calls, siren-like, to broken souls. Restored to its former glory and home to a vengeful child spirit whose murder was never solved, The Crows whispers its long-buried secrets to its new, lonely owner, setting her on a dangerous path to the truth that might just get her killed. Can she trust the creepy, eldritch soothsayer next door who claims he can help her? Or will Carrie’s growing obsession with The Crows consume them both?

“As if Austen and Lovecraft had a baby and Taika Waititi was the godfather”

“…a spiritual cousin to The Haunting of Hill House, The Uninvited, and the Hammer films.”

20% free sample available from Smashwords the first five chapters are also free to read on Wattpad in their entirety.

Buy it now from Smashwords, Amazon, indie creator/seller/author Kerri Davidson, and Books2Read (which includes Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble etc).

The Crows


Check out @OverheardPoS for world building and tweet-size micro-fiction set in the town! For free stories, see my Fiction page with links to my Wattpad accounts. For Pagham-on-Sea stories and posts, see the dedicated Pagham-on-Sea page.

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