I blog about fiction, world building, and the darker sides of folklore.

My forthcoming novel is set in the fictional East Sussex coastal town of Pagham-on-Sea… if you like:

> Sentient houses

> Curses and dark secrets

> Eldritch horrors

> Working-class characters

> Fighting fate

…then this might be for you. The Crows is coming in January 2020.

Check out @OverheardPoS for tweet-size micro-fiction set in the town! For free stories, see my Fiction page with links to my Wattpad accounts.

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EXCITING NEWS! The Crows has an illustrator…

Thomas Brown, co-creator of the graphic novel series Hopeless, Maine. Here’s a sneak preview of one of five illustrations for the novel, all in Tom’s distinctive style. Visit his Etsy Shop, MothmanFestival, for prints and other art.

The Crows Illustration
Fairwood House, known as The Crows, by Thomas Brown