C.M. Rosens is the author of (sub)urban paranormal novels with strong Gothic/Weird Fiction influences, set in the fictional English coastal town of Pagham-on-Sea. It’s a quiet, rundown sort of place, too bleak for the bleak geeks, full of Eldritch Horrors, weird goings-on, and quite good pubs. The first novel set in Pagham-on-Sea is “The Crows”, coming soon (January 2020), illustrated by Thomas Brown, co-creator of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novels.

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Meet cursed Carrie Rickard, her sentient house, and the emotionally unavailable Eldritch monster boi next door
The Crows

Check out @OverheardPoS for world building and tweet-size micro-fiction set in the town! For free stories, see my Fiction page with links to my Wattpad accounts. For Pagham-on-Sea stories and posts, see the dedicated Pagham-on-Sea page.

Feel free to explore my site & social media accounts, and if you like my content, consider buying me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/cmrosens

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