~::C. M. Rosens tweets @CMRosens and @OverheardPOS. She writes NA/Adult dark fantasy, dark humour and Gothic Weird fiction::~

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I write character-driven Gothic Weird fiction set in the fictional East Sussex coastal town of Pagham-on-Sea. Check out @OverheardPoS for tweet-size micro fiction set in the town! For free stories, see my Fiction page with links to my Wattpad accounts.

My forthcoming novel, The Crows, is about the last 33 days in the life of a skint supermarket worker who has a haunted, sentient house, a shitty ex, a queerplatonic relationship w/ the eldritch soothsayer next door, and no idea she’s going to die.


EXCITING NEWS! The Crows has an illustrator…

Thomas Brown, co-creator of the graphic novel series Hopeless, Maine. Here’s a sneak preview of one of five illustrations for the novel, all in Tom’s distinctive style. Visit his Etsy Shop, MothmanFestival, for prints and other art.

The Crows Illustration