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#AmReading: Fictional Murder

It's spooky season, so I'm going to do a few posts on things to read during this time! Off the back of the non-fiction series of murder posts, I'm kicking off with murder at a haunted attraction, and then I've got a guest post to share with a load of recs for body horror books.… Continue reading #AmReading: Fictional Murder

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Author Interviews ~ C. M. Rosens (it me!!)

C. M. Rosens is my pen-name for fiction - I publish academic and nonfiction titles under my legal name.I write contemporary Gothic Weird fiction that comes broadly under the 'Horror' genre, and you can find all my work on this page! My pronouns are she/her although I'm more quoigender than anything. C. M. Rosens is… Continue reading Author Interviews ~ C. M. Rosens (it me!!)

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Queer Superheroes: Interview with Amara Lynn

Author Bio Amara Lynn has always been a quiet daydreamer. Coming up with characters and worlds since childhood, Amara eventually found an outlet in writing. Amara loves anything to do with pirates, villains and superheroes, and angels and demons.Amara is addicted to music and gets the most inspiration from moving songs and lyrics. When not… Continue reading Queer Superheroes: Interview with Amara Lynn

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Podcast S01E21 ~ Chapter 19 Up Now!

Chapter 19 of The Crows is online today! CW for gore, brutal loss of parental figure, burning something of sentimental value, alcoholic relapse POV CHAPTER 19: LET THE PAST BURNLinks on my podcast page. Chapter 19: Let The Past Burn which things unravel and Ricky says goodbye... “Burn it down.” The dread pooled in Guy’s… Continue reading Podcast S01E21 ~ Chapter 19 Up Now!

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Podcast S01E14 ~ Chapter 12 Up Now!

Carrie pulled away and pressed herself against the crumbling wall of the cottage. She heard the door slam over the muffled curses of Ricky's father. Before she could scramble up, Ricky stalked by her, hurling the shell of a washing machine out of the way. Carrie couldn't stop the muffled squeak that came out as he passed. There, in the back of Ricky Porter's shaved skull, was a large gaping mouth.