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December Letter! ~ Podcast S02 Bonus

Bonus Eldritch Girl Content My monthly Ko-Fi supporters are receiving letters written by Carrie updating them on life in 2021/22 (The Crows is set in 2018, and Thirteenth is set in 2019; The Day We Ate Grandad, being written at the time of posting, will also be set in 2019). This is a non-canonical exploration… Continue reading December Letter! ~ Podcast S02 Bonus

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Podcast S02E10 Thirteenth ~ Part 10

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... In Chapter 6: Strange Meeting, Wes finally finds out what's really bothering Hugo and has a confession of his own; Katy goes back to college and gains a magical artefact. (In both the eBook and paperback version, this chapter follows a gorgeous black and white illustration, The Vote, by Thomas… Continue reading Podcast S02E10 Thirteenth ~ Part 10

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Podcast S02E09 Thirteenth ~ Part 9

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... In Part 9 of the serial, we get through the whole of Chapter 5: Persuasion. In this chapter, Wes receives an ultimatum that will bring him back to Pagham-on-Sea and recalls a bad memory. In the eBook and paperback, there's a cool illustration by Tom Brown called The Vote nestled… Continue reading Podcast S02E09 Thirteenth ~ Part 9

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Podcast S02 Bonus Ep 2 ~ News from Pagham-on-Sea!

This episode is all about three updates... I managed to talk about them for 20mins so here they are in brief! listen now The Crows Hardback Anniversary Edition and limited edition book boxes: I've already posted about this here. We're looking at a January 2022 release, and I am SO excited for it. The map… Continue reading Podcast S02 Bonus Ep 2 ~ News from Pagham-on-Sea!

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Podcast S02E04 ~ Thirteenth Part 4

We pick up from last week, still in Chapter 2: Lord of the Flies, and go to the end of the chapter with this next section, another Katy POV. Katy wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, and underestimates her cousin. CWs: abduction, toxic family dynamics, teen with self-harm tendencies/ideation LISTEN NOW Chapter 2 ~ Lord of… Continue reading Podcast S02E04 ~ Thirteenth Part 4