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Author Interview ~ L. B. Shimaira

Interview Transcript L. B. Shimaira (she/they) is an erotic horror and dark fantasy author from the Netherlands, and we chatted about her new novel MY LORD (Gurt Dog Press, 2020). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and check out her free fiction available on Wattpad. You can also follow her author pages on Amazon and… Continue reading Author Interview ~ L. B. Shimaira

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Horror Podcast ~ Schedule for February 2021

Hi folks! I'm really excited for the podcast launch and I hope that you are too. Here's a look at what's coming up in February... I will be doing one author interview a month, plus additional bonus episodes as we go through. There are 6 episodes to look forward to this coming month, all about… Continue reading Horror Podcast ~ Schedule for February 2021

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Cover Reveal and Q&A with C. M. Rosens

THIRTEENTH COVER Front cover design by Rebecca F. Kenney | wraparound design C. M. Rosens Extract from THIRTEENTH - strong language ~ Q&A: The Crows, Writing, and Me ~ To view the videos for this Q&A with my full answers, check out this YouTube Playlist! It contains all Pagham-on-Sea relevant videos. These questions are… Continue reading Cover Reveal and Q&A with C. M. Rosens

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Welsh Gothic: Landscape

I've been thinking more about modern Welsh Gothic recently and want to re-watch the BBC's 6-part mini-series REQUIEM on Netflix (still there as of 19/09/2020) which plays with the tropes and atmosphere so well. Comments on the series are somewhat divided between loving it/loathing it, and I'm not going to discuss whether or not it's… Continue reading Welsh Gothic: Landscape

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#AmWriting: Call for Betas

Hi all! This is a quick post to shout-out to anyone who wants to beta read my fiction. And, unusually for me, you actually have a choice! It's not just one thing! *le gasp*I need some feedback on a novel (98k words) and two (2) short stories. If you would like to have a go… Continue reading #AmWriting: Call for Betas