Pagham-on-Sea Pride ~ Katy & Wes Porter

The last post was on RICKY PORTER and I didn't really reach a conclusion about his identity (aroaceflux? grey? Definitely apothisexual or could be aegosexual based on his arousal watching Wes and Layla that one time? Maybe even Myrsexual and Myrromantic, which I didn't add into the previous post, but also could describe him quite… Continue reading Pagham-on-Sea Pride ~ Katy & Wes Porter


Asexual Pagham-on-Sea Pride

Here's the start of a series of posts of some characters and their flags for Pride Month! Starting with main characters. Ricky's not a poster boy for aroaces/aces/acespecs and we deserve some better rep than him, but then again, if a feral cannibal lad who's also an eldritch horror fantasising about bodily transformation into an… Continue reading Asexual Pagham-on-Sea Pride

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Gothic/Horror Families

While I'm writing THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD, I'm also having fun with re-watching/re-reading Horror and Gothic families (blood family + found family!) I'm a big Rob Zombie fan so a lot of them are from his films, but I love the moments of banter and bits where we get to see the relationship dynamics… Continue reading Gothic/Horror Families

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Who Loves Eldritch Dramedy?

If you love the idea of British Eldritch family drama, or you've ever just wanted to know what eldritch entities get up to behind closed doors, my Pagham-on-Sea series is for you. I'm releasing the 3rd novel soon - THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD - so I've decided to put out the first 2 books… Continue reading Who Loves Eldritch Dramedy?

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#MonstrousMay Day 13: Monstrous Fish

Graphic and Prompt Credit: Johannes T. Evans The Monster Fish of Bomere Pool, Shropshire There's an amazing folktale from Shropshire, about a gigantic fish that acquired the sword (and sword belt) of Wild Eadric, an Anglo-Saxon lord who fought against the Normans during the conquest of the 11thC. There are variations of the tale that… Continue reading #MonstrousMay Day 13: Monstrous Fish