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Medieval Murder ~ The Victim

Pen & Sword Books 2020 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 of Murder During the Hundred Years' War introduces the victim, Sir William Cantilupe. We know nothing of his childhood and early years from a personal perspective, and so this chapter takes a broader view, putting his life in context of the events he lived through. What… Continue reading Medieval Murder ~ The Victim


Thirteenth Release!

Exciting news! THIRTEENTH is now out in ebook format, paperback will be released 30 April! Get your Kindle compatible copy from Amazon or my Ko-Fi shop, and the epub format copy from Smashwords. Check out my Smashwords profile here: Check out my Amazon profile here: out my Ko-Fi Shop here: You'll notice… Continue reading Thirteenth Release!

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Author Interview ~ Nita Pan/Ezra Arndt on Goremance, Villains, Writing Queerness, and Having Fun with Horror

Interview Transcript: Introducing the Author Nita Pan Nita Pan (they/them) is a nonbinary, demisexual/biromantic polyamorous and neurodivergent YA/Adult Own Voices writer of the soft, bloody and monstrous. After traveling throughout the United States and parts of Europe, and meeting people from all around the globe, they decided to put their strange and extraordinary experiences to… Continue reading Author Interview ~ Nita Pan/Ezra Arndt on Goremance, Villains, Writing Queerness, and Having Fun with Horror


Welcome to Pagham-on-Sea! New Releases! Not endorsed by Pagham-on-Sea Tourist Board New Releases THIRTEENTH is now available for pre-order! Get it through Amazon - UK, US, CA, BR, FR, DE, JP, ES, etc! Get it on Smashwords (epub). You'll also be able to borrow it through ebook library services when it becomes available! You can also get a free… Continue reading Welcome to Pagham-on-Sea! New Releases!


Podcast S01E08 ~ Chapter 7 Up Now!

THE END OF PART 1 IS UP! Chapter 7 is the last chapter of Part 1. Listen to it here. CHAPTER 7: REAL AFTER ALL Chapter 7: Real After All which Mercy shares a secret... Ricky closed up the trapdoor after himself and trudged upstairs to his own room, filling his lungs with fungal moistness. The… Continue reading Podcast S01E08 ~ Chapter 7 Up Now!