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SpookyMonth Showcase ~ THE CROWS

You knew it was coming... my first novel is available in eBook (alone and with THIRTEENTH, its sequel), audiobook, paperback and an anniversary edition hardback that has a prequel short story in the back, "Gerald". Ebook, Hardback, Paperback & Audiobook Versions The hardback and paperback are from Amazon only Ebook from my Ko-Fi Ebook duo… Continue reading SpookyMonth Showcase ~ THE CROWS

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SpookyMonth Showcase ~ THE RELUCTANT HUSBAND

The next one is my Weird historical fiction parody, slightly shorter than a novella, just a bit too long to be a short story. A novelette, in fact! It's featured in THE UNCANNY AND THE DEAD anthology, but next year I'll be releasing it with some other historical shorts set in the Pagham-verse. Get the… Continue reading SpookyMonth Showcase ~ THE RELUCTANT HUSBAND

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#AmWriting ~ Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather an AU Novel ~ eBook cover This song (Fred Astaire by Jukebox The Ghost) is kind of how a very socialised, much better adjusted Ricky & a more recently traumatised Carrie's dynamic plays out if they met in a pub when she had just left Phil, rather than several months… Continue reading #AmWriting ~ Birds of a Feather

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Writing Demo & AU Carrie and Ricky Untitled AU So this is what I've been working on for fun: the idea I've had for a really long time which was an experiment to see what the story/characters of THE CROWS would be like if there was no eldritch horror. It would be a contemporary working class slice-of-life fic with a central… Continue reading Writing Demo & AU Carrie and Ricky

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Fan Art Alert!

So excited to get tagged in a work in progress by Daniel Beswick who enjoyed THE CROWS and THIRTEENTH! You can already get a print of Ricky Porter by Daniel from his shop. I love the projection of an aged-up Ricky (28-29 years old in the books so far) and now a buff, cross-country champion… Continue reading Fan Art Alert!