Book Review

#AmReading ~ Woe To Those Who Dwell On Earth by John Lynch

3.5 stars rounded to 4 stars – this was a mixed bag for me as it was my first ever foray into Extreme Horror/military splatterpunk and I think the stories that weren’t for me will definitely be up other peoples’ alleys!

Read it if:

  • You like military fiction, specifically Marine Corps context, culture and characters, from active service members to veterans dealing with associated mental health issues and trauma
  • You’re okay with some pretty gnarly body horror in the form of amputation, castration, creature feature gore, monster attacks, war zones, and a good mix of sex and violence – I found that mix fairly enjoyable!
  • You enjoy being grossed out (I was getting some The Slob lite vibes from Cock-Meat Sandwich), but you also want the pay-off of a few laughs and a bonkers Christmas-themed gorefest (The Tree Farm), and some feisty femme fatales (Bow Saw, The Newly Weds)
  • You really like it when arseholes get theirs (I found The Newly Weds especially satisfying)
  • You want a bonus extract from The Warrior’s Retreat included in this collection!



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