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Podcast Season 1 Finale ~ Chapter 21 + Epilogue Out Now!

Chapter 21 + Epilogue of The Crows is online today!

CW for head injury, unreality/time skips, arson, immolation, death, grief and facing mortality.


Links on my podcast page.

Chapter 21: I Have You Now My Pretty

…in which Carrie’s wyrd ends…

He’d won. He’d got what he wanted. The future had steamed forth from the guts of the Blue Moon girl, telling him he would, telling him he would Change, he would get the Stone, he would get the house, and the rest was collateral damage.  


Ricky squirmed, battling something nameless and unfamiliar. It didn’t feel like a victory.  

It felt like a trick. 

~ C. M. Rosens, The Crows, p. 432

In this episode, the theme tune separates the end of Chapter 21 from the Epilogue, so keep listening! Big Bad Gothic finale – lots of emotions and flames.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this – the mp3 version of the book, which I’ll try and make as clear and professional sounding as I can (so there are sections to re-record) will be available to buy soon from my Ko-Fi Shop.

Next season (S2) is going to be the serialisation of Thirteenth.

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