It turns out family dinner drama and car journey petulance persist whether some revere you as a god or not. There is a skill to achieving horror-comedy without treating heavier topics with levity and it is a skill Rosens undoubtedly has…

ARC Review

Lovecraftian horror meets kitchen sink drama in this dry, darkly funny tale of toxic families, killers and cannibals, eldritch body horror and antihero female rage.

Katy Porter is the thirteenth child of a thirteenth child in an inbred family of eldritch horrors, and her own eventual metamorphosis will change her into a creature that hungers for her family’s flesh. To some, she’s a threat – to others, a weapon.

Katy needs allies to help her control her Changes, but she’s stuck with her oldest brother, a drug-addled playboy who voted to have her killed but is chaotic enough to have genuinely changed his mind, and her eyeball-eating, god-like cousin, whose idea of protecting her involves abduction, dark rituals, and encouraging her homicidal side.

If anyone is going to survive Katy’s transformation, scores need to be settled and fears need to be faced – and Katy is not the only one who needs to face them.

Released: 30 April 2021

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Content Warnings:

-violence and gore, violent deaths in familial context
-abduction by family member
-body horror [eldritch, mutation/transformational, parasitic/worm-adjacent]
-drug-taking and on-page trips
-adult male sexual arousal/fellatio
-a homophobic serial killer father who targets teen girls, cold/emotionally neglectful mother
-a reference to dysphoria
-toxic, dysfunctional inbred/incestuous monster family, inc. bullying, boundary-crossing
-self harm and self-destructive behaviours inc. drug and alcohol abuse/relapse
-historic child neglect, emotional/psychological/physical abuse
-very strong language throughout
-historic dubious consent/sexual harassment of ace character
-entrail-reading (birds), [wild] animal cruelty/death