Medieval Murder: Nonfiction Spotlight

As I’m taking a Romancing the Gothic lecture on Saturday 17th July 2021 on GOTHIC HISTORIES AND HISTORICAL GOTHIC: MEDIEVAL TO MODERN WALES, I thought I’d take a dive into nonfiction with you all for a while!

Sign up for the July Romancing the Gothic classes, including mine, here.

As the weeks go on, I’m going to share some of the historical and folkloric research that goes into my fiction, re-share and expand a little more on the Welsh history and folklore posts I’ve done, and maybe give you all a look at the medieval period which is my academic background. I’m thinking about giving you a historical tour of Pagham-on-Sea and blending fact and fiction, so we’ll see how that goes.

Murder During the Hundred Years’ War

First off, I want to highlight my popular history book Murder During the Hundred Years’ War: The Curious Case of William Cantilupe (Pen & Sword Books, 2020). It’s available as a hardback and an eBook. Buy the hardback direct from the publisher, and get the eBook for £1.99! Also available in both formats from Amazon.

Packed with intrigue, secrecy, deception, betrayal and murder, this well-researched book examines the complex murder of Sir William Cantilupe in 1375 and the history and events of the time.

The book includes the potential suspects, socioeconomic conditions, corruption, marriage, occupations, father to son succession and relationships of above and below stairs stairs which are all relevant and provide context.

NetGalley Review

A seminal and original study of detailed and painstaking scholarship throughout, “Murder During the Hundred Year War: The Curious Case of Sir William Cantilupe” by academician and historian Melissa Julian-Jones is a unique and extraordinarily informative and exceptionally well written contribution to community, college, and university library British Medieval History & Culture collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists.

Midwest Book Review

If you like medieval period and are a fan of true crime, like myself, this book is a perfect blend of both. This is a fascinating look at how a medieval murder mystery was investigated.

GoodReads reviewer

I offer a 2-part course on this medieval murder case, where participants get to hear the details and come up with their own creative interpretations of the source material, putting together their own version of events that fit the facts we have.

Cost: £5 per person. Classes held via Zoom. Watch this space for the next course.

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