ELDRITCH GIRL: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense

A Gothic Horror and Weird fiction podcast featuring short stories and serialised Weird Gothic novels and novellas by C. M. Rosens, the Undead Hour with Clem Wells and Friends (discussions on hot topics affecting the undead communities today) and more! Guest authors will also make an appearance with their own work. CWs for gothic horror tropes, strong language, [consensual, kinky] sex and violence. Each episode will have content warnings for those who need it. No sexual violence/assault. Discuss the world of Pagham-on-Sea in the Goodreads Group, Pagham-on-Sea Tourist Board.

Play Gothic Horror Bingo at home with the card on my website, squares by me, blank template from the blank printables available at www.timvandevall.com.

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Content Warnings for The Crows: click here
Content Warnings for Thirteenth: click here

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