Eldritch Girl S03 Trailer

Yes, it’s that time again… My new novel is coming out soon, and that means so is S03 of the podcast, so you can listen along for free as you read.

This is primarily an accessibility thing for me: I can’t afford to work with professional voice actors, but that would be my dream. I am also not selling enough to make that happen, realistically, so that’s how indie life goes. But also, while I can narrate my books myself, I am conscious that not everyone can access printed copies. Disabilities and neurodivergence aside, even my books are prohibitively expensive in other currencies and with exchange rates. I don’t really want to charge people when I’m not doing recording my novel professionally, and for me the podcast is A LOT of fun.

So here we are: Season 03 of Eldritch Girl is coming soon, and I hope that you enjoy the bonus content as much if not more than the main episodes! Dip in and out as you please. I’ll be posting transcripts here as usual, and on Ko-Fi too, so you can tip me for the work I put into the interviews and transcription if you’ve a mind, or if you are really enjoying the story but you don’t want to buy a copy. The tip jar is always open and does not judge.

I had fan art sent to me last year and it absolutely made my life. If you want to, absolutely please do send me anything, I would be so honoured. I don’t bite.

Here’s the trailer!


Three possible futures, two versions of the apocalypse, one chance to save the world.

Wes Porter, a severely depressed, insanity inducing playboy, is detoxing from hallucinogens that have unlocked his ability to see versions of potential futures, and he’s just foreseen two ways the world could end.

Normally, Wes would leave the hero bullshit to somebody else, but he can’t abdicate responsibility this time, not when both those apocalypses might be his fault.

With some prompting from a mythological barred prophet who may or may not be real, and a lot of assistance from his monster eating baby sister who desperately wants to move out of his apartment, and their soothsayer cousin who has his own demons to fight, Wes attempts to save his world…

But have his poor decisions doomed them all?

The Day We Ate Grandad is the third book in the Pagham-on-Sea series.

It is a dysfunctional family cosmic horror novel for fans of What We Do In The Shadows, the Magnus Archives and the Call of Cthulhu, with themes of bereavement and grief, generational trauma and a dash of Roman and Welsh mythology.

The cover design is by Rebecca Kenney, Interior illustrations by Tom Brown, it is edited by Johannes Punkt, and the theme tune is by Gemma Cartmell.

I’m really excited to share this one with you guys.

Thank you ever so much for sticking with the podcast so far, if you’ve just joined us, I hope you’ve enjoyed season one and season two.

If you haven’t heard those yet, they’re available for free, just go back and listen to the previous two seasons.

Just like season one and season two, season three is going to have a lot of bonus episodes.

I’m really excited about the interviews we’ve got lined up.

We have interviews with Paula D. Ashe, author of We Are Here to Hurt Each Other, which is very cool.

We’ve got a special interview with a filmmaker, Lucy Rose, talking about gothic filmmaking and depicting working class characters in historical fiction, particularly in gothic pieces.

So I’m really excited about that as well.

We’ve got lots of folklore discussions, lots of toxic family, we’ve got lots of toxic relationships, all the juicy good stuff with my guests, and obviously quite a lot of body horror.

Do look out for Suzan Palumbo’s collection Skin Thief.

I’ve got an interview with Suzan who’s being published with Neon Hemlock Press, and her collection Skin Thief is coming out in October.

So more about that later, and there’s a whole host of other people as well.

Just yeah, super exciting.

Do listen and I will catch up with you all again at the end of April when season three hopefully will air.

And that will coincide with the release of the Day We Ate Granddad.

So watch the space, check out the pre-order links when those are up, and grab your copy and read along.

See you again at the end of April.

Bye now…

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