Book Review


This charity indie anthology is finally released!

My Say in the Matter is a pro-bodily autonomy anthology featuring social horror and spec fic with horror elements. It was put together for charity in wake of the Roe v Wade ruling in the United States, but the contributors (including the artists) are international.

Filled with poetry, short stories, flash fiction, and art by creators both previously published and not, My Say in the Matter is a speculative fiction anthology brimming with rage, sorrow, and joy-filled pieces. All final sales are going to Abortion Funds (

REVIEW: Full disclosure: I have stories in this anthology! But! I love the anthology as a whole SO MUCH! It’s full of rage and grief and hope and righteous fury and sometimes you just NEED that. Need to feel like there is a whole world of people who also feel stuck, powerless, angry, sad, fed up, and that when we all come together, like in this book, we are so much stronger for it.

Ceilidh Newbury (she/they), one of the contributors to the anthology, is an Australian speculative fiction writer living on Peerapper land in lutruwita (Tasmania). She is a fierce advocate for and creator of safe queer spaces, especially for young people. They enjoy big mugs of tea, singing to their cats and can be found screaming about books on Twitter @ceilidh_newbury.

I’ve been allowed to get some screenshots of the interior as well, which looks great. The formatter/editor is Ezra Arndt, and they are available for commissions! So if you want your novel/novella/short to be formatted like this (note that the art for this book was by a different artist in this case, Therese, @/warickaart on Twitter), you can commission Ezra via their Ko-Fi. Commissions are open.

Note that they do NOT do graphic novels.

The content notice should anyone need it goes as follows: body horror, transphobia, descriptions of blood, choking, murder, sexism, fertility, childbirth, family expectations, boundary setting, a mention of knives, themes of anger and survivorship, suicide, suggested sexual assault, the dehumanization of people, intimate partner violence, alluded to rape, non-consensual impregnation (sans intercourse), religious trauma, generational trauma, termination, dubious consent/non-consent, cursing, death, grave-robbing, implied past abuse, and semi-erotic content.

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