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Podcast S02E14 ~ Thirteenth Part 14

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... This post is a few days late, apologies! I've been having a much-needed rest and enjoying my birthday month, and preparing for THE CROWS to come out in hardback (Season 01 of the podcast, if you missed it!). In this episode, Wes sets his cap at Fairwood (and Carrie), takes… Continue reading Podcast S02E14 ~ Thirteenth Part 14

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Eldritch Girl S02E01 ~ It’s Back!

Today we're kicking off with the first episode of a brand new season of ELDRITCH GIRL, in which we meet Katy Porter again - she pops up as a cameo at the end of Ch 4 of THE CROWS - this time from her point of view. She's turned 17, and life is going downhill… Continue reading Eldritch Girl S02E01 ~ It’s Back!

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Monstrous May

I've been participating in the Monstrous May Challenge on Twitter, and posting all my content to Ko-Fi. Today's bonus podcast episode is a Monstrous May special, where I read out 2 of my supporter-only posts - Iconic Settings and Baby Monster. Yes, you've heard Iconic Settings before, but it's my favourite so you're hearing it… Continue reading Monstrous May

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Podcast S01E15 ~ Chapter 13 Up Now!

Chapter 13 of The Crows is online today! CW for head injury, gore, violence, cannibalism ("the mild Rob Zombie chapter")CHAPTER 13: BEAST WITH A HUMAN FACELinks on my podcast page. Chapter 13: Beast With A Human Face which Fairwood finds a clue and Ricky has a confession... He was off his game and he… Continue reading Podcast S01E15 ~ Chapter 13 Up Now!

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Podcast S01E14 ~ Chapter 12 Up Now!

Carrie pulled away and pressed herself against the crumbling wall of the cottage. She heard the door slam over the muffled curses of Ricky's father. Before she could scramble up, Ricky stalked by her, hurling the shell of a washing machine out of the way. Carrie couldn't stop the muffled squeak that came out as he passed. There, in the back of Ricky Porter's shaved skull, was a large gaping mouth.