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#PitLight ~ 10/12/22

I’m taking part in PitLight today, where you can like, retweet and comment/quote tweet people’s pitches and aesthetics. I’ve scheduled my 4 tweets (the maximum per person) and I’ll be pinning them to my profile through the day.

I’m using THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD, so enjoy the tweets! I’ve had a go at movie posters for the pitch, and I’m also linking the book’s Goodreads page, and the buy links to the other stories to catch up on the story so far.

My sale is still on via Ko-Fi, too! You can download the files and gift them to others if you want!

Sale link: <>

Goodreads link: <>

The poster is above, the actual cover is by Rebecca F. Kenney and on the left! It’s now with an editor going through a round of developmental edits this month, and I hope that it will be released early 2023.

Wes is not coping with the mass bereavement and not sure how to feel about the murders of his family by his own sister, even if he knows they deserved to die. He is detoxing from the hallucinogenic drug that helped him remember things forwards as well as backwards in time, and now he has opened his mind to the possibilities of the future.

When Wes has three visions of the future, one where things are normal, overlaid with two versions of the end of the world, he tries to direct the course of fate – but in doing so, has he guaranteed the apocalypse he is trying to stop?

AMERICAN GODS X WHYBORNE & GRIFFIN – an eldritch family drama for fans of THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES, H. P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, and Susannah Clarke.

Catch up with the story so far: – the illustrated eBook duo set of THE CROWS and THIRTEENTH.

THE CROWS is also available in audiobook, paperback and hardback.

THIRTEENTH is also available in paperback.

Both novels are serialised, unabridged, on my podcast Eldritch Girl.

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