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Hungarian Cannibal Gang: 1782 (Part 2 of 2: The Story)

Now we've delved into the sources and a bit of context, here's a version of this story rewritten from the British newspaper reports! This is not the story "as it happened", and I'm also not really interested in whether this was hysteria or not, this is just my own version of the story as a… Continue reading Hungarian Cannibal Gang: 1782 (Part 2 of 2: The Story)

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Hungarian Cannibal Gang Case: 1782 (Part 1 of 2: The Sources)

In my research for the 18thC Slasher WiP I'm co-writing, now titled REDSTONE; OR, THE 'BLOODY BEACH' MURDERS, I came across a case of a cannibal gang reported in the Reading Mercury under the Foreign Affairs section. This article is the extended version of the report that came out in July 1782, detailing the execution… Continue reading Hungarian Cannibal Gang Case: 1782 (Part 1 of 2: The Sources)

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Podcast S02E07 Thirteenth ~ Part 7

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Today we start Chapter 4: The Call of the Wild, in which Ricky goes for a winter walk, and he and Carrie have a heart-to-heart... CWs: very strong language [includes use of c-word, for US listeners], casual attitude to random killing, troubled/complicated domestic dynamics, calling out controlling behaviour. Listen Now… Continue reading Podcast S02E07 Thirteenth ~ Part 7

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Podcast S02E04 ~ Thirteenth Part 4

We pick up from last week, still in Chapter 2: Lord of the Flies, and go to the end of the chapter with this next section, another Katy POV. Katy wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, and underestimates her cousin. CWs: abduction, toxic family dynamics, teen with self-harm tendencies/ideation LISTEN NOW Chapter 2 ~ Lord of… Continue reading Podcast S02E04 ~ Thirteenth Part 4