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Author Interviews ~ C. M. Rosens (it me!!)

C. M. Rosens is my pen-name for fiction - I publish academic and nonfiction titles under my legal name.I write contemporary Gothic Weird fiction that comes broadly under the 'Horror' genre, and you can find all my work on this page! My pronouns are she/her although I'm more quoigender than anything. C. M. Rosens is… Continue reading Author Interviews ~ C. M. Rosens (it me!!)

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Podcast S01E18 ~ Chapter 16 Available Now!

Chapter 16 of The Crows is online today! CW for alcohol/drunkenness drug-dealing, relapsed alcoholic character, refs to parental death and maternal alcoholism/death by drink-driving. CHAPTER 16: SINISTER LOCAL HISTORY Links on my podcast page. Chapter 16: Sinister Local History which Carrie has a night out and Wes tells a dark tale... It wasn’t long… Continue reading Podcast S01E18 ~ Chapter 16 Available Now!

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Spring Rush – 25K Word Goal

If you have seen the hashtag #SpringRush on Twitter you’ll know that accountability threads and aesthetics abound, and that writers are embarking on a writing challenge to get 25k words done between 15 Feb and 21 March. I don’t know if I will reach it, and I won’t be writing every day. But! Here are… Continue reading Spring Rush – 25K Word Goal

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Thirteenth Theme Tune

With revisions and edits of my novel Thirteenth underway and the novel due to be released this year (keep an eye out for the ARC announcement!) it's time to reveal the theme tune by Gemma Cartmell. It's the same basic tune as The Crows Theme, but it's been given the dance treatment. I asked for… Continue reading Thirteenth Theme Tune