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Podcast S02E15 ~ Thirteenth Part 15

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Ricky struggles to cope with his cousins and his deeply-rooted insecurities, while Katy, struggling to deal with her grief and newfound knowledge, figures out why Wes is on the List. Wes is just... struggling. CWs: alcohol use in context of a depression spiral, lack of self-awareness, on-page panic attack, references… Continue reading Podcast S02E15 ~ Thirteenth Part 15

Pagham-verse, Podcast, thirteenth

Podcast S02E14 ~ Thirteenth Part 14

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... This post is a few days late, apologies! I've been having a much-needed rest and enjoying my birthday month, and preparing for THE CROWS to come out in hardback (Season 01 of the podcast, if you missed it!). In this episode, Wes sets his cap at Fairwood (and Carrie), takes… Continue reading Podcast S02E14 ~ Thirteenth Part 14

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Podcast S02E13 ~ Thirteenth Part 13

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Katy faces the consequences of her actions and some unwelcome revelations about the List and her destiny. CWs: gore, maggot-adjacent infestation, body horror [assimilation/distortion and parasite-adjacent], emesis, panic attack, eldritch horror listen now Chapter 8 Ricky was still very, very dead. He’d been too cocky. What if she had killed… Continue reading Podcast S02E13 ~ Thirteenth Part 13

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Podcast S02E12 ~ Thirteenth Part 12

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Fairwood extracts Katy's memory of her 11th birthday, in which Katy's destiny becomes clearer to her; in the present, Katy learns who killed her beloved grandmother and Wes and Ricky face a reckoning. CWs: child neglect and manipulation, disruptive/drunk/violent family member in family gathering situation, gift-giving (can be read as… Continue reading Podcast S02E12 ~ Thirteenth Part 12

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Podcast S02E11 Thirteenth ~ Part 11

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... In this chapter, Wes's meeting with Katy goes very badly, resulting in Katy needing a rescue. For those who need specific CWs about on-page family bullying and physical intimidation (siblings, parents, uncles), this is the one to skip or to be aware of. CWs: driving-under-the-influence POV, implied careless driving, homicidal… Continue reading Podcast S02E11 Thirteenth ~ Part 11