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Sales and Serials ~ March Update

Greetings friends! I updated you in my newsletter but I haven’t done so here. Here are some things to tide you over until my next novel releases!

THE CROWS – $2.49 A cursed woman with 33 days to live and a lonely eldritch cannibal who can see the future form an unlikely, albeit twisted, friendship over their mutual obsession for a sentient house. Can their allegiance save her, or will it doom her forever?

THIRTEENTH – $2.49 An insanity-inducing playboy wants to cut ties with his family of eldritch horrors and live his best, messiest polyamorous life – but his little sister Katy is due to transform into a god who feasts on her family, and he’s on her List. Bad decisions ensue.

OVEREXPOSURE – $0.99 A short horrormance of obsession & addiction: a detail-orientated photographer becomes obsessed with a man whose face evades memory… When he realises the extent of her addiction to him, is it already too late?

FOLKLORE OF PAGHAM-ON-SEA – $0.00 [free] A collection of [fictional] folk tales and urban legends from the town setting of the novels, in prose and verse.
– child kidnap by the fae under the long barrows
– creepy tales of St Mark’s Eve
– the Punch & Judy man of Hangman’s Walk
– and more!

Want more? For £3 one-off donation you get 30 days access to all my supporter only posts on Ko-Fi, and this includes a slasher novella I’m playing with set in Fairwood House, Halloween 2020.

It’s called The Sussex Fretsaw Massacre and if you’re a monthly supporter you already have access with your tier! I’m posting it in its entirety, updates are Wednesdays and Saturdays through March around 12 noon GMT.

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