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Podcast S02E21 ~ Thirteenth Finale Part 21

Welcome to the Final Episode of Eldritch Girl S02…

The last (and double-length!) episode of S02, in which the triad meet their Grandsire, Ricky finds some comfort, Wes makes a choice and gets some insurance, and Katy sets herself on a path she can’t come back from.

CW: graphic gore/violence, killing family, drug use, strong language, gruesome transformational body horror

“WHAT’S PAST IS PROLOGUE.” ― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

HERE WE GO with a double-length finale of my novel THIRTEENTH, now completely serialised on my podcast along with THE CROWS, which was S01. Both are roughly the same length and the audiobooks are at around 10hrs of runtime.

You can buy/borrow THE CROWS on audiobook right now, and THIRTEENTH will now be released as an audiobook later in the year!

What’s New

  • The Crows Anniversary Hardback edition – with exclusive short story “Gerald”, a new town map by Dewi Hargreaves, and new cover design by Rebecca F. Kenney.
  • Limited Edition Book Boxes: get a signed, annotated copy of The Crows Anniversary Hardback, author notes on the whole book and writing process, and an exclusive book themed candle by Avalon Alchemy, only from my Ko-Fi Shop: £65.00 per box including worldwide shipping.
  • My new short novella, THE RELUCTANT HUSBAND has been published in an indie anthology, The Uncanny and the Dead. Grab your copy in eBook and Paperback now, and listen to the authors & editor discussing the anthology on my podcast!
  • Watch this space for the audiobook version of THIRTEENTH to be released now that the podcast series is complete!
  • NEW: exclusive to Ko-Fi supporters (one-off and monthly), the serialised short novella, THE SUSSEX FRETSAW MASSACRE, is being serialised on my Ko-Fi page through March 2022.
  • COMING SOON: THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD, the third book in the Pagham-on-Sea series (Pendle Clan novels) is forthcoming, and I’m aiming to get it to beta readers in April, with a loose goal of publishing it in August/September 2022.

ELDRITCH GIRL will be returning for S03 and serialising this third novel in the Autumn/Fall!

Check back in to read more blog posts and updates, and sign up to my free newsletter in the meantime. There are also slots left to support me at the Eldritch Seeker supporter tier for £3 per month on Ko-Fi, where you’ll get access to a LOT of exclusive subscriber-only content, including in-character letters every month that imagine contemporary life for Carrie, Ricky, Wes et al through lockdown and Katy’s adventures at University. These aren’t exactly canon, but I’m having fun with them.

Thank you for listening!

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