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Podcast S01E03 ~ Chapter 3: Meet the Locals Up Now!

The next episode is up! Check it out on my podcast page.


Chapter 3: Meet The Locals

…in which Carrie joins the History Society…

As Guy got out to open the door for her, Sheila leaned in close to Carrie’s ear, her breath hot on the back of Carrie’s neck. She tapped Carrie twice on the shoulder.

“If you go to Beverley’s,” Mrs Azeman whispered, “Don’t drink the tea.

Jumping with surprise, Carrie twisted around to stare at her.

Guy opened the door.

“Have a good evening,” Mrs Azeman said at her normal volume, getting out and slamming the door.

Carrie’s skin crawled where Sheila had tapped her. It felt like a signal of some kind, something she couldn’t interpret. Like another warning.

C. M. Rosens, The Crows, p. 62

If you want a little more from this chapter, Ricky’s point of view is already up on this blog in a fun teaser… introducing your not-so-friendly local soothsayer, and a toy called Gerald.

I did a post on the Gothic trope of sinister, secret-keeping locals here!

If you’re wondering why Mrs Azeman has a folkloric surname, that’s a deliberate choice she made and will get explored in future stories when the concept of lychgates will be looked at in more detail. Mark Curtis may have his own short story – I’ve got a few ideas for that, which will expand on his character and clear up (or add to) the mysteries surrounding his particular nature. If you’re well-versed in Ancient History/Classics, you may have an idea where he’s from and what the name denotes.

Current regular members of the History Society:

Check out the Gallery page for art of Ricky and Gerald. I love fan art, so if you are inspired to draw any, tag me on Twitter or Instagram!

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