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Spring Rush – 25K Word Goal

If you have seen the hashtag #SpringRush on Twitter you’ll know that accountability threads and aesthetics abound, and that writers are embarking on a writing challenge to get 25k words done between 15 Feb and 21 March.

I don’t know if I will reach it, and I won’t be writing every day. But! Here are my projects that I am concentrating on over this period!

1. Thirteenth: final edits, formatting, sending out ARCs and setting up preorders. Think HANNIBAL RISING X THE DUNWICH HORROR, with a twist of DAGON and a dash of FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS. Add it to Goodreads!

Illustrated by Tom Brown

2. Solo project: unnamed sapphic 1940s WIP, folk horror in the Welsh Borders with middle-aged lesbian protagonists. Think JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING X PAN’S LABYRINTH. As this develops we’ll see where it goes. This is in the experimental writing stage.

Snippet: current opening to explore concepts and setting

3. Co-written project: Eldritch Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Nita Pan is my co-writer. We have 67K done of the first draft, of an estimated 80K. A burlesque dancer finds her calling killing people on camera and meets an erratic, devolving hitman with family issues. What could go wrong? A splatterpunk, villain-on-villain, two-hander romcom for fans of Rob Zombie, Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino. Add it to Goodreads!

Temporary Cover (C. M. Rosens)

Will I make 25k total? Who can say. I also want to try my hand at more short stories this year, and I have some ideas, but let’s see how that goes!

Good luck to everyone doing #SpringRush. Get ready for updates, I guess…!

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