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So You’ve Moved To Pagham-on-Sea: Getting Medical Help

Congrats again on your big move!

The neighbours at No. 7 are, as you suspected, just like you, and you know that you’ll fit in here just fine. How lovely it is to be with your own Kith and Kin again, after hiding your true nature for so long! Well, admittedly, you still have to play ‘human’ around the people at No. 5, but now you’ve got support.

Having been warned about Pagham-on-Sea’s “Rising Season” and the fertility of the soil here, you are keen to register for the local GP surgery. You haven’t kept up with some of your regular booster jabs, and it sounds like you might need them.

Where would someone like you go?

Mill Street Surgery

You’ll need to register at Mill Street Surgery. Once assessed, you will receive a welcome letter with details of your assigned doctor and appointment date.

Partners at the surgery include:

  • Dr Monday (GP, specialises in Spectral Surgery)
  • Dr Debas (GP, specialises in water-borne diseases)
  • Dr Karnstein (GP, specialises in haematology)
  • Dr Sisulu (GP, specialises in sleep conditions)
  • Dr Erlking (Paediatrician, changes his name every generation or so to stay relevant to the children – currently referred to as Dr Slenderman)

(GP = General Practitioner)

Nurses at the surgery include:

  • Miss Charlotte (also the surgery receptionist but can be up to three places at once)
  • Nurse Hammad
  • Nurse Lewis
  • Nurse Bowes
  • Nurse Williams

There is an on-site lab and pharmacy. You will also find a Pro-Lyfe™️ vending machine in the waiting room and in the toilet facilities, which vends a range of anti-undead serums to combat most known forms of the zombie virus, as well as blood-thinners and other vampire/sanguivore repellants.

If bitten or exposed to bodily fluids, it is advised that you make an appointment with the nurses as soon as possible.

To sign up, please follow this link to fill out your registration form. Your information is kept in the strictest confidence, but you do not need to record your True Name if taboo for your Kith and Kin.

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