The Day We Ate Grandad CWs and Reviews

I’ll be adding the reviews and longer blog post reviews when I get some, but I wanted to create a static page in the meantime for this upcoming release, where you can add it to your Goodreads TBR, and so on.

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Massive thanks to:

Cover Designer ~ Rebecca F. Kenney

Illustrator ~ Thomas Brown

Editor ~ Johannes Punkt (main editor) and C. J. Subko (early developmental edits)

Formatter ~ Ezra Arndt

Composer ~ Gemma Dyer [née Cartmell]

Absolutely can’t wait to share this one with you all.

Content Notes:

  • Addiction and sobriety (drugs, but also literal addiction to a romantic partner)
  • ADHD symptoms that aren’t diagnosed or acknowledged, characters themselves are unaware they exhibit them and blame themselves/other things for memory processing issues, hyperactivity, lack of impulse control, lack of focus, self-medication, etc.
  • Animal death (a sheep for entrail reading purposes)
  • Apocalypse threat – eldritch god destruction, but also destructive behaviour from insidious addiction to an image
  • Arson and on-page fire (I know some people really don’t like this)
  • Bereavement in complicated circumstances and varied – often messy/destructive – responses to grief; on-page memorial service
  • Binges and their aftermaths, a minor (17F) having to handle some of this and being placed in a carer/parental role
  • Body Horror
  • Body dysmorphia & complex feelings around one’s own body, which can be read as similar to dysphoria
  • Child neglect (historic) and mention of child sacrifice in cult context – no on-page depiction of this, and no minors feature in the book apart from the 17yo MC (the only minor MC, all other MCs are adults)
  • Cult – family members being indoctrinated, joining out of trauma, and insider POV
  • Depression (severe)
  • Disordered eating in men that has gone unrecognised by others
  • Dubious Consent (m/m)
  • Emesis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Friendship issues, loss and arguments
  • Gore (Graphic)
  • Inbred family of sibling & cousin pairings, family culture of inbreeding is prized over ‘outbreeding’ but also joked about by family members
  • Murder of close relatives by MCs
  • Parasites, parasitical imagery, worm/maggot infestations in living flesh, graphic descriptions of wounds that may trigger Entomophobia or acarophobia, parasitic dermatophobia, or parasitophobia
  • Relationship issues and complicated dynamics
  • Self-harm and suicide ideation; suicide in cult context as ‘sacrifice’
  • Self-mutilation for various reasons, to varying degrees: under the influence of addiction, and in cult context, and in ritual context.
  • Sibling deaths and sibling estrangement; complicated sibling relationships; younger sibling caring for older sibling and vice versa.
  • Trypophobia (descriptions that may trigger this)