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Spooky Spring #WritingPrompts

After a #SpookySat hiatus, we are entering the warmer weather and lighter evenings of springtime! A time when things are not as spooky? Not necessarily. If you want to participate in make spring a spookier time, here are some word prompts to use to create some tweet-sized micro-fiction and send a few shivers up your… Continue reading Spooky Spring #WritingPrompts

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Co-Writing for Beginners

Writing is a collaborative process. Even if you write purely for yourself, you will be in dialogue with the world around you, your influences, other authors, and the context in which you write. No one can write anything in a vacuum. There is already a lot of discourse on critique partners, beta readers, sensitivity readers,… Continue reading Co-Writing for Beginners

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#AmReading: Body Gothic by Xavier Aldana Reyes

CW// strong language, sexual imagery, violence New year, new post, same glorious Gothic shit... I got a copy of Body Gothic for Christmas which is another one of the University of Wales Press's Gothic Literary Studies series. You will see from the eye-watering price that this is a Serious Academic Study on Literary Criticism, which is… Continue reading #AmReading: Body Gothic by Xavier Aldana Reyes

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Christmas Presale! Get THE CROWS first!

60% off The Crows ebook: presale on Smashwords! 17 days to go! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Murder. Obsession. Quite good pubs. Welcome to Pagham-on-Sea.

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Meet the Locals: Mercy Hillsworth, Resurrectionist

Here's a cut scene introducing Mercy, a side character in The Crows (coming January 2020). You can pre-order/buy the novel via Amazon and Smashwords! The printed edition will be available from January via Amazon with five original illustrations (the ebook versions have three). Mercy, who trained as a hairdresser after school, is now a supervisor… Continue reading Meet the Locals: Mercy Hillsworth, Resurrectionist