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#MonstrousMay 2023: The Doppelganger

Originally I thought this was part of DI Paula Parsons' backstory but it doesn't fit her anymore, so this is DI Hayley Carter, Parsons' predecessor, and I don't know how it ends exactly, except it ends with her being booted out of the force and Parsons taking her job. Featuring: police corruption, head trauma, murder… Continue reading #MonstrousMay 2023: The Doppelganger

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Podcast S02E17 ~ Thirteenth Part 17

The Triad find themselves trapped the wrong side of the portal with an unexpected benefit for Wes. CWs: fist-fight, blood, disordered eating/mindless eating to painful over-capacity (of rotten food) LISTEN NOW Chapter 11 Wes gave a loud shout and nearly cannoned into him, forcing his sister to duck down.Ricky turned.Something was emerging from the sea,… Continue reading Podcast S02E17 ~ Thirteenth Part 17

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Bonus Episode: Overexposure

This month, the bonus episode is ... the audio version of my short story OVEREXPOSURE. This is available for £1.99 from all ebook stores and is a prequel featuring Wes, Charlie and (briefly) Hugo. It's the tragic start of their connection with each other, and you can grab a copy direct from my Ko-Fi Shop… Continue reading Bonus Episode: Overexposure

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Podcast S02E02 ~ Thirteenth Part 2

Welcome back to ELDRITCH GIRL! This time, I'm having to split up the novel differently. THE CROWS had 21 chapters and an epilogue which worked out at around 23 episodes for the first season, but THIRTEENTH only has 13 chapters and is about the same length. So we're going with calling the episodes "Parts" and… Continue reading Podcast S02E02 ~ Thirteenth Part 2

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Bonus Episode ~ The Sound of Darkness

The bonus episode for March is my short story, 'The Sound of Darkness', published in 'F is for Fear' by Red Cape Publishing. Listen now on my podcast page. The Sound of Darkness CORRECTION: at one point, I should have said 'through the door leading to the lifts', rather than 'into the lifts', because Peregrine… Continue reading Bonus Episode ~ The Sound of Darkness