A lot of my worldbuilding happens organically and on Twitter. I collated my tweets and threads into Moments, but then Twitter got rid of Moments. So, I’ve blogged instead. Here you’ll find the posts all in one place! I shall update this periodically. This page features a list of blog posts on the world of PoS, and some adverts for its various businesses.

Welcome to Pagham-on-Sea

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Prelude: Love Song for The Crows

Excerpt from Chapter 3 (Meet Ricky Porter, autodidact and Eldritch soothsayer)

Meet the MC, cursed newcomer Carrie Rickard

Meet Mercy Hillsworth, Resurrectionist and supermarket supervisor

Meet Beverley Wend, long-lived matriarch, Mother of A Thousand Young

Tales of the Paghamverse

Folklore of Pagham-on-Sea Vol. I is now available! A short coffee-break read, only 99p.

There are a few world-building posts to choose from if you want to learn more about this fictional town! There is a real Pagham in West Sussex, and Pagham Harbour is a gorgeous beauty spot. This is Pagham-on-Sea, East Sussex, a much bleaker, bigger, and altogether different place. More werewolves, for a start.

Blog posts:

So You’re Moving to Pagham-on-Sea! Doing the Groundwork

Happy New Year ~ How We Celebrated

A Big, Sexy Infographic for Pagham-on-Sea

Finding your Community/Lychgates: a History

A Pagham-on-Sea Pub Guide

Vampire Clubs and Cafés

So You’ve Moved to Pagham-on-Sea! Getting Medical Help

Miss Charlotte, Doctor’s Receptionist & Criminal Mastermind

How To Spot A Sex Demon

Yes, There Are Fae, Avoid, Avoid

Cryptids And Other Entities Next Door

The Punch and Judy Man of Hangman’s Walk

Undead Fashion (Sponsored by Open Casket Clothing: clothes you would want to be seen dead in)

Werewolf Fashion

New Estate Fashion

Town History 101: What The Hell Happened To The (Hyper-Fertile) Soil

Town History 101: What The Hell Are These Weird Rocks

Town History 101: Historical Sites, or, What The Hell Is That

Town History 101: Famous Women You’re Probably Glad Are Dead Now

The Town Historian (not canon, this isn’t how it really works, but it’s a fun idea I had! Let’s say this is more an urban legend or something.)