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Fan Art Alert!

So excited to get tagged in a work in progress by Daniel Beswick who enjoyed THE CROWS and THIRTEENTH! You can already get a print of Ricky Porter by Daniel from his shop. I love the projection of an aged-up Ricky (28-29 years old in the books so far) and now a buff, cross-country champion Katy (17 years old in the books so far).

Ricky always wears a grey hoodie, and Katy is permanently attached to her phone. If you look closely at Ricky’s visible forearm you can see his tattoos from Book 1.

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All the links to THE CROWS [paperback, hardback, audiobook and eBook] here and all the links to THIRTEENTH paperback and eBook] here.

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The newest work in progress inspired by my novels – Katy post-transformation with her scorpion tail:

THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD is the next book in the series and will be coming out in October (I hope!) – Ricky’s transformation is in THE CROWS, Katy’s is in THIRTEENTH, and Wes’s full transformation story is in TDWAG. Exciting times.

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