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Thoughts on Writing ~ Summer Update

I haven’t posted much, as I’ve been trying to get my novel revisions done for August and figure out the trajectory for the next few months of letters for my Ko-Fi supporters (there are a few arcs I can take them on, but I’m running out of July to post this month’s!).

I’ve also revived my TikTok, and so obviously my phone camera has stopped working.

The podcast will return in Autumn with the next book – and I have the bonus episodes to plan, including all the author interviews.

I have beta-read a whole novel this summer which is not the same as pleasure-reading, but I really enjoyed that even though it took me a long time! Or at least, it felt like it did! I am hoping to read for pleasure too: I want to finish a few books by the end of the year.

Books I want to finish:

The Worm and His Kings by Hailey Piper (novella, started this week)

Wyrd Derelictions by Adam Nevill (I think I started it in 2020; it’s a short story collection)

+ one more that’s maybe actual novel length. People have compared my books to Phil Rickman and I’ve never read him, but I do have The Wine of Angels that I bought several years ago and never opened. So maybe I’ll start there? I don’t know why I bought it or anything about it. Is that a good place to start?

I might try being more interactive with my reading to see if this holds my interest more. Let me know if you’d like live-tweet threads or more reviews from me!

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