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Who Loves Eldritch Dramedy?

If you love the idea of British Eldritch family drama, or you’ve ever just wanted to know what eldritch entities get up to behind closed doors, my Pagham-on-Sea series is for you.

I’m releasing the 3rd novel soon – THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD – so I’ve decided to put out the first 2 books as an eBook box set. Currently you can grab it in epub/mobi/pdf format from my Ko-Fi shop, and the link for eBook stores is right here! Click through to your store of choice.

Normally £3.99 each (£7.98 together) – the box set is only £6.99!

PLUS it has the 2 extra illustrations that the eBook of THE CROWS is missing (but are featured in the paperback and the hardback versions).

The Town Map by Dewi Hargreaves is still only featured in the Anniversary Hardback edition of THE CROWS.

Cover Design by Rebecca F. Kenney

I LOVE THIS COVER – it captures the vibes of THIRTEENTH (the symbols, the moth metaphor) and THE CROWS (the deer skull, the folk horror vibe) so let’s look at what to expect if you’re brand new to Pagham-on-Sea.

THE CROWS (Gothic Horror kitchen sink dramedy)

A struggling woman destined to die on a fate-appointed date and a lonely eldritch cannibal who can see the future love the same sentient house so much they bring it to life – but with only 33 days of Carrie’s life left to go, is their twisted, growing friendship going to save her, or doom her?

PYGMALIONHaunted/Sentient House as Love InterestAro-Ace MC (also an eldritch horror)
HELLRAISEROnly One BedBi/Pan side characters
THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSEKiller/Intended Victim to twisted intimate friendshipAnxiety/Depression/PTSD
STEPHEN KING’S ROSE REDA novel you can play Gothic Horror Bingo withunDx male disordered eating

THIRTEENTH (Eldritch Family dramedy & bubblegum body horror)

An angry teen destined to transform into a ravenous eldritch god loses her protector and must survive her family of eldritch horrors who want her dead before she can transform, but her only potential allies are her insanity-inducing playboy brother who takes too many experimental drugs, and their eldritch cannibal cousin who murdered her protector in the first place. As her transformation nears, the three of them have to deal with their own fears, trauma and mistrust, or no one is coming out alive.

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWSGrumpy Killer Mentors Angry Homicidal Teen (no-one is happy about it)Pan Polyam MC
GRIMMChosen One comes of age (to devour her own family)Family trauma
HANNIBAL RISINGClassic Weird Fiction Parody Bingo (landscapes, indescribable horrors)Established Queerplatonic partners
TRAINSPOTTINGFamily Day Out watching a live snuff film Heavy drug user POV character (cocaine & fictional experimental hallucinogens)

THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD (coming soon: cosmic horror family drama)

A numerous inbred family of eldritch abominations are being systematically hunted and devoured by one of their new gods, who inhabits a traumatised 18-year-old girl. When some of the survivors form apocalyptic death cult to bring the original progenitor of the family through into this world, the new gods – not keen on total annihilation and ‘encouraged’ by a mythical nemesis – must join forces to stop it.

Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREEDEstranged family to Chosen FamilyFamily bereavement, grief, loss
WELSH & ROMAN MYTH Overcoming toxic behaviour spirals to [try to] save the dayDepression/suicide ideation/binge-drinking & self-medication
CALL OF CTHULHUI’d Do Anything For [non-romantic] LoveMessy & murderous queer characters
IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESSShowing My True Face Will Destroy You (and here it is, enjoy)Radicalisation and extremism, apocalyptic death cult recruitment

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