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Bonus Episode: Overexposure

This month, the bonus episode is … the audio version of my short story OVEREXPOSURE. This is available for £1.99 from all ebook stores and is a prequel featuring Wes, Charlie and (briefly) Hugo. It’s the tragic start of their connection with each other, and you can grab a copy direct from my Ko-Fi Shop too if you want to support me directly.

Charlie Eversley-Smith is an affluent young photographer in London, and a sensitive, detail-orientated creative soul who has always seen the world in her own way. When she meets a man whose image resists memory, she has to take his photograph again and again and again… but when he realises the extent of her obsession, is it already too late?

CWs for psychological horror, body horror, self-degredation, self-mutilation and mental health deterioration.


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