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Day 26 – The Sound of Darkness by C.M. Rosens

You can buy the whole anthology from all eBook retailers, in paperback, or now as an audiobook — or you can grab just this short from me to own for £1.99 by itself from eBook retailers or my Ko-Fi Shop. You can also listen to me reading it on my podcast as a Season 1 bonus episode!

Red Cape Publishing

The Sound of Darkness (from F is for Fear)

C.M. Rosens

Murat Yildiz stood in the doorway to the living room, his living room in his own damn flat, the flat he had been renting for two years now, and could not go in. The bulb had blown the night before, and he’d forgotten to change it.

There was nothing in there except his own furniture, his own things. A deeper rectangle of flatter, reflective black on the back wall was nothing sinister, no mirrored black hole leading to abyssal realms, just his mounted plasma TV screen that would cast its own light if only he could turn it on from the narrow hall. It reflected his own squared shoulders back at him, a vaguely outlined shadow-man grown into his adolescent fat and heavier-set frame, a stocky veteran of random scrawny aggressors on match days and Saturday nights. Here…

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