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Podcast S02E03 ~ Thirteenth Part 3

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl. In this episode, the first two sections of Chapter 2: Lord of the Flies, Ricky has some explaining to do…

CWs: bird death and entrail reading, facing mortality

Chapter 2 ~ Lord of the Flies (1)

Merlin Silvestris could prophesy accurately without reading the dead, he had read about it before. He’d thought that with his beauty now fully revealed, his glory fully manifested, that the secrets of the cosmos would fall into place before his eyes regardless of what form he was in.

Yet here he was, a few months on, and he was still rooting about in corpses and couldn’t see his own future. The forbidden desire hadn’t gone away, either. He tried not to think about it, but poking at the ruined bodies only made it starker, mocking him. He could see any number of things in his beautiful form, feed upon the energies of lesser things, open his third eye and bask in the wonders of what was yet to come… but he still couldn’t change it.

~ C. M. Rosens, Thirteenth, Ch. 2 p. 46

Ricky has a real thing about Merlin/Myrddin (hinted at in THE CROWS as well, where he briefly muses that speaking Welsh might make some ‘mad bearded old bastard’ show up), and this will get more explicit as we go on… He also Latinises/Anglicises Myrddin’s name because of his issues with the Welsh language (cf. THE CROWS: “That’s what you got for letting the Welsh move in, with power in their bloody poetry”). Ricky’s not a poet or a bard, not really, and he’s having to face a lot of his insecurities now that he’s not so sure of himself.

His main ones are around his relationship with his house, which he can’t control in the way he wants to. It was a bit of a challenge to figure out how the relationship with Carrie/Fairwood has developed over the past 8 months, but it was important to maintain that he has no sense of what “normal” looks like, and how they navigate the situations that arise one at a time. How this plays out as we go through this novel remains to be seen.

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