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World Building with the Welsh Triads

This post is a follow-on from the world-building posts that I've shared last month. If you're interested in the Welsh Triads, there are some really good translations out there - particularly Rachel Bromwich's editions: The Legal Triads of Medieval Wales and The Triads of the Island of Britain. [Note that the Medieval Welsh referred to… Continue reading World Building with the Welsh Triads

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Anatomy of a Draft

So you have your first draft! Yay! Where to go from here? Well, first, get yourself a support group of fellow writers: a variety of ages and experiences are always a plus. It takes a village to raise a writer and their book-baby! TIP: Change your font and font size before editing and leave your… Continue reading Anatomy of a Draft

The Crows

The Crows

Introducing my WiPMy work in progress [WiP] is a paranormal novel full of mystery, suspense and romance, set in a coastal town in the south of England. It's essentially a gender-flipped Sleeping Beauty meets Beauty and the Beast/Stephen King's Rose Red, with a weird romance element. While I've classified it as 'paranormal', I think it… Continue reading The Crows

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The Zodiac Posts – PISCES [2] Emotional Souls – the Maya Starling Interview

Emotional Souls - Spotlight on the Work of Maya Starling In my quest to find blog topic inspiration, I have looked to the signs of the zodiac and their reported personality traits to help me think of things to write about. Pisces are, apparently, emotional souls, and so that got me thinking about emotional issues… Continue reading The Zodiac Posts – PISCES [2] Emotional Souls – the Maya Starling Interview