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Podcast Launch! 04 Feb 2021

My brand new podcast, Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense will be launching on 04 Feb 2021 at 12pm GMT! If you missed my sneaky announcement about the theme tune… you can listen to it again here. THE CROWS THEME is going to feature on the podcast and is by Gemma Cartmell.

Season 1 is the serialisation of my novel The Crows. I’m reading it out chapter by chapter (some chapters have been split into two parts to make every episode around the 30min mark). There are 21 chapters plus an epilogue, so the first season will have around 23/24 episodes. These will air weekly, every Thursday, at 12pm GMT.

On Mondays, you’ll get some bonus content airing at 12pm GMT! These bonus episodes will also be around 30mins long each, and will have extra content – me chatting about aspects of my world, reading out full or partial short stories, bits from the Folklore of Pagham-on-Sea companion, and more. They will also feature interviews with other authors who write in a range of genres for a bit of variety, with chats about their work.

I’m also looking into putting together a panel show starring Clem Wells, a revenant who did a guest post on the blog on Undead Fashion a while back. The panel show will be hosted by Miss Wells (d. 1793), and she will be joined by various members of the undead community to discuss hot topics of the day. These bonus episodes will be about an hour long and form their own mini-series.

I’m so excited to share this with you! I’ve set up a Goodreads Group where you can discuss the novel and the world more generally: Pagham-on-Sea Tourist Board. I’m still setting up the discussions, and figuring out how it works (it’s my first Goodreads group). Feel free to create your own topics and chat about things you want to chat about! You can also ask me anything you like on my Goodreads profile.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Launch! 04 Feb 2021”

    1. eeeeeeeeeeeee I know! I’ve done my best with the recording so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve tried to add some royalty free sound effects to indicate things like Fairwood’s thoughts being right-aligned and stuff I can’t aurally translate very easily :/ I think less is more. XD

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