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The Crows: Theme Tune by Gemma Cartmell

THE CROWS theme by Gemma Cartmell: All Rights Reserved

YOU MAY REMEMBER that I reviewed the novella The Truth in Lies by Gemma Cartmell earlier in 2020. That post is here. Gemma Cartmell is also a musician and composer, and her YouTube Channel showcases her work – ambient, instrumental, moody and Gothic.

Gemma Cartmell

I commissioned this short theme for The Crows, and I love it! It’s a perfect piece for the story of a ruined manor house regaining its former glory through slow, painful renovations, and the dark secrets it holds gradually coming to light in the process. What do you think? I’ve posted some original art from the novel below…

Fairwood House, known locally as ‘The Crows’, by Tom BrownGothicalTomB on Twitter, hopelessmaine on Instagram

You can read the first 5 chapters for free on Wattpad – try before you buy! If you want the paperback, it’s available on Amazon and contains five original illustrations by Tom Brown, including the one featured here. The ebook is available across all digital platforms, but you can also buy it directly from me via my Ko-Fi shop or here on my website. It contains three out of the five original illustrations by Tom Brown.

But why did I commission this short theme tune, and will there be more music? Well… you’ll have to watch this space and see what is coming in 2021.

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