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Podcast S02E08 Thirteenth ~ Part 8

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl…

Today we continue Chapter 4: The Call of the Wild, in which we see the memory extracted from the walls of Wundorwick, and Ricky is immersed in Katy’s point of view…

CWs: dealing with bereavement/grief/memories, refs to dangerous djinn/jinn, ritual cutting and reference to self-harm history, emesis, jealousy, attempted mind-manipulation.

Chapter 4

Gran had hated her cousin Richard. No wonder: he’d chopped up his wife and buried her under the floor.

~ C. M. Rosens, Thirteenth

The shrine has loads of family photos on it, and Richard Pendle, the last only child and soothsayer (b. 1879) is featured. Richard Pendle is the one Ricky is named after, which adds to that relationship dynamic.

Richard Pendle was never caught for the murder of his wife, so this is family knowledge not common knowledge. He was a human (not eldritch) soothsayer and cunning man, and did not live in Bramble Cottage – that was the Pendle sisters and their parents. He had a small farm, and it was only after his death that the remains of his wife (Jane Pendle, née Redditch) were found.

Richard Pendle is featured in The Folklore of Pagham-on-Sea Vol. I, where a tale he knew was collected by Rev. J. D. Allardyce and included in the 1901 compendium of local folklore, some of which is reproduced in this small volume.

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