Pagham-verse, Podcast

Podcast S02 Bonus Ep 2 ~ News from Pagham-on-Sea!

This episode is all about three updates… I managed to talk about them for 20mins so here they are in brief!

  • The Crows Hardback Anniversary Edition and limited edition book boxes: I’ve already posted about this here. We’re looking at a January 2022 release, and I am SO excited for it. The map by Dewi Hargreaves looks amazing, I am pretty pleased with the exclusive short story, and if you JUST CANNOT WAIT for it, “Gerald” will be up on my Ko-Fi for supporters only in December as an early gift.
  • My short novella The Reluctant Husband is coming soon in the Spooky by Association anthology, THE UNCANNY AND THE DEAD, also January 2022! Here’s the book trailer for my story:
  • My Ko-Fi tiers are enabled now and there are only 5 slots left for the higher tier. I’m using the handwritten letters that you get posted to you as a way to explore the character arcs post-novels, in a non-canonical way. The trilogy starts in 2018 with The Crows, and Thirteenth takes place in January 2019 followed by The Day We Ate Grandad (forthcoming!) later that same year.

    The letters are “live” and right now, and written in character by Carrie (but you might also get some from Katy and Wes too… Ricky has been persuaded to print a few lines for Dec 2021’s letter, but he doesn’t write very well so he’s a bit self-conscious about it).

    I’m using the letters to see how the arcs might play out and what issues might come up… they aren’t canon but I might compile them into something or find a few new stories from them!

    November’s letter was Carrie explaining how her Halloween party went, and she explains what happened over lockdown, the dynamics at play currently, and how things are with Ricky, Wes and Katy. It comes with a card signed by me, featuring art of Ricky and Carrie by @/bluekookutchoo.

    December’s letter will be about Yule and some flashpoints and tricky things to navigate at the most, um, family-orientated time of the year.

    I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes, and if you’re intrigued, you can sign up too.

    The Eldritch Seeker tier (£3 per month) don’t get anything posted out to you per month, but you do get exclusive access to lots of other stuff – and I might release the letters (typed) as part of the exclusive content to you guys every few months so you get to follow along as arcs/story threads start to develop.

If any of that appeals, feel free to sign up to Ko-Fi, or to my (free) newsletter so you can get updates and sneak peeks of stuff!

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