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The Crows Hardback Release: January 2022

I’m very excited to announce that THE CROWS is getting a hardback edition, and there will be:

  • A new cover designed by Rebecca F. Kenney
  • The original 5 illustrations by Thomas Brown which appear in the paperback (there are only 3 in the eBook)
  • A black and white town map by Dewi Hargreaves
  • An exclusive short story at the back edited by C. J. Listro, featuring Ricky as a child, the origins of Ricky’s deep dislike/fear of the Welsh, and how Gerald got his name
  • Four signed copies for sale through my Ko-Fi shop only, in a box with a bespoke soy candle by Avalon Alchemy. There will be two boxes containing the Pagham-on-Sea sea spray and peppermint candle (200g soy candle, comes in a dark blue pot), and two with the Fairwood House Earl Grey and lavender candle (200g soy candle, comes in a vintage china teacup with mismatched saucer). You’ll be able to buy these separately at
Newsletter Subscribers got access to the full cover (draft version)
Sneak preview of the candles!

I look forward to teasing you with more of the exclusive content.

You’ll be able to buy the hardback from Amazon. More information to come…!

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