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Medieval Murder: Podcast!

I forgot to share this before, but I recently did a podcast interview with Most Notorious True Crime Podcast, and the episode is now live here:

It was on the murder of William Cantilupe 1375 and the link he’s got up is to a 2-day creative writing class based on the murder and the source material that I did with my colleague Dr Sam Hirst’s project, Romancing the Gothic [RtG].

That class explored the interplay of historical narrative reconstruction with creative writing, using the sources available and the multitude of ways you can fill the gaps with the balance of probability and imagination. It encourages people to come up with their own interpretation of the (patchy) evidence in whatever form they want to.

Responses ranged from historical fiction murder mystery ideas to Speculative Fiction concepts to medieval werewolf stories, and art/illustration instead of fiction writing. It may be repeated but it’s TBC at the moment.

This is all based on the book I have out now with Pen & Sword Books:

I did a series of posts on the main chapters of the book here.

Romancing the Gothic Project

Dr Sam Hirst, Teaching Fellow at University of Liverpool

RtG is open access on all things Gothic (fiction and nonfiction – all types of media – and the long eighteenth century). I’m involved with that as a participant and live-tweeter of the talks that take place on weekends, and I gave a talk on Welsh Gothic and Welsh history that is now up on their YouTube channel as an open access lecture:

Dr Melissa Julian-Jones, Gothic Histories and Historical Gothic: Medieval to Modern Wales and Gothic Fiction

There is currently a CfP for talks 2022, and a [small] remuneration for your time. It is open to PhD/MA students as well as independent scholars and academics. Talks are being filled already for Jan and Feb and the deadline for all 2022 talks is March 31st 2022.

If anyone is interested (or would like to circulate to their networks) the call is here:

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