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Interview with C. M. Rosens on Rebecca F. Kenney’s Patreon – free to view
Interview with C. M. Rosens on Romancing the Gothic’s Patreon/YouTube – free to view
Video Interviews reposted on my blog – free to view
Interview with C. M. Rosens on Self Publisher’s Showcase (coming soon)

Author Interviews

Podcast Interviews

Author Interviews on my podcast!

Feb 2021: L. B. Shimaira ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Erotic Gothic Horror novel MY LORD and LGBTQ+ in horror fiction

Mar 2021: Stefanie Simpson ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Cosmic Horror novel WITWORTH DOOM BABY, romance in horror, kink in romance, and disabled romance protagonists

Apr 2021: Ezra Arndt [then as Nita Pan] ~podcast episode | transcript ~ Spooky by Association Horror anthology (now titled THE UNCANNY AND THE DEAD), LGBTQ+ in horror, horror and aesthetics

May 2021: Maria DeBlassie ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ zombie short story HUNGRY BUSINESS, the Ordinary Gothic and the Hopeful Gothic, transcending generational trauma in dark fiction

Jun 2021: Lyndall Clipstone ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ YA Gothic fantasy novel LAKESEDGE and its influences, Gothic Horror monster boyfriends and the girls who like to kiss them

Jun 2021: Johannes T. Evans ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Queer Monster Hour discussing Johannes’ body of work but mainly focusing on his POWDER AND FEATHERS serial, but looking at disabled protagonists, toxic relationships, queer monsters, kink and erotic fiction, and a whole range of things!

Jul 2021: April-Jane Rowan ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Gothic fantasy novel LOVELORN, body horror and LGBTQ+ publisher, GurtDog Press

Oct 2021: S. T. Gibson ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Gothic fantistorical novella, A DOWRY OF BLOOD, vampires and Dracula lore, and dark romance

Nov 2021: Allie Pino ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Unbound project, A GOTHIC COOKBOOK and its influences, food in Gothic fiction and horror films

Dec 2021: Magen Cubed ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Southern Gothic series starting with LEATHER AND LACE, intersections of class and identity in a US American context

Jan 2022: Mason Hawthorne ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Gothic short story LEADBITTER HOUSE, Australian Gothic influences and themes, the process of writing short fiction

Feb 2022: Ally Wilkes ~ podcast episode | transcript ~ Arctic horror novel ALL THE WHITE SPACES

Mar 2022: THE UNCANNY AND THE DEAD Anthology Author Panel feat. Ezra Arndt, Frank Rudiger Lopes, Allie Pino and Hester Steel ~ podcast episode | transcript

Author Guest Blog Posts

Werewolf Talk Series

Author Interviews on werewolves in the Paranormal and Horror genres!

#1: Werewolves in the Paghamverse
#2: Interview with Richard Brown
#3: Interview with Kara Jorgensen
#4: Interview with Tom & Nimue Brown
#5: Interview with Becca Lyn Mathis
#6: Interview with Mari Hamill

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