Gothic Fiction, Pagham-verse, The Crows, weird fiction

New Ricky Fan Art!

Check out artist Daniel Beswick if you like creepy Weird art! He messaged me on Instagram (where you can find him @/visceralrevolt) to say he’d picked up THE CROWS and he was enjoying it. I’ve been under the weather lately so I just had a nap and woke up to some AMAZING art of Ricky Porter, which cheered me right up.

Here’s the direct link to the video on Daniel’s Twitch stream of Ricky being drawn: . This absolutely blows my mind that (at least one) person in the chat know who Ricky is, although I follow /skeletonotes (pronouns: e/em/eir) on Twitter and e has a Twitch channel too. You can check eir art out here:

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