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Left Page Interview ~ C. M. Rosens & THE CROWS

Hi folks! I got to do an interview on The Left Page podcast (in English, but based in Brazil) with Frank Lopes, now hosting solo as his co-host Bruno has had to step down. It’s a really fun podcast discussing literature from a left perspective. I’m Episode 31!

The introduction (first aired 13 Feb 2019) can be found here. The full episodes are around an hour long. For those of us who love the Gothic and the Weird, here are some episodes you might be especially interested in…

Episode 11The Grey Out of Capitalism. A First Look at Lovecraft

Episode 14The Spectral Black Cat of Edgar Allan Poe

Episode 24 Blood and Revolution. Werewolves in the Paris Commune (this one looks at Guy Endore’s novel which I’ve discussed in my series of posts on Werewolf Films, first one here)

Episode 27Lighting Beacons Against Ligotti’s Ichor of Darkness. With the Horror Vanguard

Episode 29 ‘Tis the Season [for Rioting]. A Christmas Tale from China Miéville

Plus episodes on Asimov, Dostoyevski, Borges, Vonnegut, Bulgakov, and more!

It’s really exciting to have The Crows discussed alongside stories and novels like these, so I hope my rambling about class and the Gothic is at least entertaining. And maybe you’d like to buy the book if you’re interested in those sorts of things, and see something else in it. Ultimately, what you do with the themes is up to you!

You can always listen to me reading this novel (without doing the accents) on my own podcast, launching 4th Feb 12pm GMT.

You can access it directly on my Podcast page, on Spotify, Apple, and/or Google Podcasts. Make sure you check out the content warnings

See you on the 4th! Check out the schedule for the whole month of February here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon…

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